High Tea

French High Tea

Monday to Saturday
11:30 am to 4:00 pm
Please call the restaurant directly for reservations - 972-248-1911

Finger Sandwiches, Mini Pastry Plate, Tea Breads, Scones, Cream, Butter, Jam and Choice of Tea* 19.95
* $3.95 extra for Oolong and Darjeeling

Available Monday through Saturday

Reservations and 24 hours notice are required
for French High Tea - everything is made fresh to order
Please call the restaurant directly for reservations - 972-248-1911

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High Tea

Our Teas

Thé de Lavendou
Long Leaf Kermun Black Tea
& French Lavender
2.95 per Guest
Provincial Garden
Herbal blend of Chamomile,
Rose Hips & Citrus
2.95 per Guest
Hibiscus aux Framboises
Wild Berries, Hibiscus
& Valencia Orange Peel
2.95 per Guest
Tamarind et Nectarine
Black Tea, Tamarind and
Citrus Flavors
2.95 per Guest
Vanilla aux Oolong
Silver Tipped Champagne Oolong, Infused with Creamy Vanilla Essence 7.95 per Guest
Orange Spice China Black
China Black Tea, Infused with
orange peel, lemon peel,
Cinnamon, Cardamon and Cloves
2.95 per Guest

Namring Darjeeling
Indian Black Tea, One of the
worlds finest teas. Complex
fragrance of Muscat grapes,
full bodied and lingering
7.95 per Guest
Indian Assam
Black Tea, produces an orange liquor sturdy in the cup with a savory nose
2.95 per Guest
Japanese Sencha
Green spider leg tea, produces an ambergreen liquor with a refined fragrance
2.95 per Guest
Fanciest Formosa Oolong
Silver tipped Champagne Oolong,
the finest formosa in the world
with low caffine
7.95 per Guest
English Breakfast
House blend of Keenum and Ceylon Tea, is an expertly balanced blend,
dress with cream and sugar
2.95 per Guest
Lavendou Apricot Iced Tea
Refreshing blend of country apricot and
French lavender, exotic yet comforting
2.95 per Guest

High Tea
High Tea
High Tea
High Tea
High Tea

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