Les Hors d' Oeuvres

Gratinee à L'Oignon
Left Bank French Onion Soup 7.95
Potage du Jour
Soup of the Day 6.95
Antipasto Provençale
Assorted Appetizers 14.95
Escargots à la Bourguignonne
Snails With Garlic, Butter
and Parsley 9.95
Saumon Fumé de la Maison
House Smoked Salmon 12.95
Le Pate du Jour
Terrine of the Day 8.95

Nos Salads

Salade de Mesclum
au Chèvre Chaud

Crispy Warm Goat Cheese and
with Mixed Baby Greens 9.95
Smaller Goat Cheese Salad 6.95
Salade de Legumes Grilles
et Poulet

Grilled Vegetable Salad With Roasted Chicken and Parmesan Cheese 14.95
with Langoustine 15.95
Traditional Ceasar Salade
Traditional Ceasar Salad 8.95
With Grilled Chicken 14.95
With Grilled Salmon 16.95
Smaller Ceasar Salad 6.95
Salade de Cailles aux Champignons Sauvages
et aux Artichaux

Quail Salad With Wild Mushrooms
and Artichokes 16.95
Salade Niçoise
Classic Tuna Salad from Nice 14.95
Salade Mimosa aux Crevettes
Spinach Salad With Shrimps 14.95
Quiche du Jour
Quiche of the Day 14.95
Crepes du Jour
Crepes of the Day 14.95
Assiete de Legumes
Vegetable Plate with Linguini 13.95

split charge: $4.00


Les Viandes

Bistro Filet au Beurre
au Vin Rouge

Grilled Teres Major Steak with Merlot Butter with Pommes Frites 21.95
Escaolpe du Porc Provencale
Porc Scallopini with Capers, Tomatoes and Lemon Butter Sauce 16.95
Côtes d'Agneau Grillees
Grilled Lamb Chops with Grilled Vegetables and Pommes Frites 19.95
Poulet Rôti aux
Olives Niçoise

Roast Chicken With Olive Sauce 15.95
Les Pâtes du Jour
Pasta of the Day 14.95

Les Poissons

Le Poisson du Jour
Fish of the Day 14.95
Le Filet de Saumon Grille
Grilled Filet of Salmon
with Chardonnay Cream Sauce 15.95
La Truite aux Amandes
Trout Sauteed with Almonds 15.95
Filet de Sole Beurre do Citron et Ciboulette
Broiled Sole with Lemon Butter
and Chives Sauce 14.95
Moules Mariniere et Frites
Steamed Mussels in White Wine and Cream with Pommes Frites 14.95

Chef's Menu $19.95

(Not valid with any other promotion)
Soup of the Day
Onion Soup
(add $1.95)
Mixed Green Salad
* * * * *

Roasted Chicken
Fish of the Day
Pasta Provençal with
Tomatoes & Basil
* * * * *
Dessert du Jour
Choice from the menu add $4.95